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Mr. Matthew Pablecas

A charismatic and soulful singer from the Chicago area, Matthew Pablecas grew up around music.  While his music career started behind a drum set, his passion to entertain eventually brought him to the front of the stage as a singer and guitarist.  Matt has been a staple of the Chicago music scene for the last 20 years.  You can currently find Matt entertaining crowds as the lead singer of Oh Yes! or as half of the acoustic lineup of Hart & Pine.  When he isn't delighting the crowds with his on stage performance, you can find Matt building his clients the house of their dreams with his company  Hale Street Group. or in his barn recording LIVEATMATTSBARN.  All you need is one show, and you will see why Matthew Pablecas is considered one of the best front men around.  Click Matthew Pablecas to read more about him and his history.

Click the picture below to read about Matthew in the latest issue of Quintessential Barrington.

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Matthew Pablecas



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